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Webinar: When Video Footage and A Cop's Memory Don't Match

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FREE Calibre Press Webinar!
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Thursday, May 9, 2024
Live program 10AM – Noon Central


*All registrants will receive a link to a recording within 5 business days of the event.

Officers, as well as investigators, bosses, and prosecutors are often confused and/or suspect when an officer’s recollection of a recorded event and the recording are inconsistent.

Many people, especially the public and activists, believe the inconsistencies are due to untruthful cops rather than the reality of the combination of acute stress, the science of human performance, an officer’s unique perspective and their subsequent need for recall.

In this FREE Webinar, renowned human factors specialist, expert witness, and national trainer Jamie Borden, and Founder of Critical Incident Review (CIR), and Calibre Press’s Jim Glennon will dive deep into that question and the many factors that explain why recordings and human experiences of the exact same events may not match.

 These content experienced experts will discuss among other things:

  • The difference between what a camera can pick up and what an officer perceives
  • Looming: how and why an officer reacts and how cameras miss it
  • Distortion: camera lenses warp distance, time, speed, and motion
  • The difference between what the human eye focuses on and the camera’s field of vision
  • What investigators should know about the officer’s memory
  • When and IF, officers should view body cam footage.
  • Why two officers looking at the exact same scene see things differently
  • Auditory Exclusion and Perceptual Narrowing: Yes they are real and constant



Jamie Borden Jamie is a court certified expert in a variety of topics including Controversial Use of Force, Police Performance Dynamics, Forensic Video Examination, and Officer/Subject Movement Dynamics. He is credited with creating the first “Use of Force Training & Analysis” unit for a large department in Nevada that focused specifically identifying and analyzing police performance issues related to use-of-force and training. Jamie holds a Certificate in Force Analysis from the Force Science™ Institute and is the first ever to complete the Advanced Force Science™ Specialist program.

Lt. Jim Glennon (ret.) Jim is a nationally recognized law enforcement instructor, speaker, author and training consultant. He is the Director of Curriculum for Calibre Press, which he also co-owns. He is widely known for his expertise in leadership, officer safety and tactical communication and training. Jim served for 30 years at the Lombard (IL) PD where he retired as a Lieutenant.