Roadway Tactics: Train the Trainer

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“This course content was engaging and current and I would recommend it to my staff. Excellent Course and Excellent Instructors”

Sgt. Donovan – University of Pennsylvania PD

“Excellent presentation and course material.  I took away great road safety procedures to teach/instruct our officers.”

Officer Bills – Willistown Twp Police

“This course was excellent and many of the points discussed can apply to other areas of police work, not just driving.”

Officer Hataway – Garland PD, TX

Course Description

More officers are killed and injured in and around their vehicles than by felonious assaults. To drastically reduce these numbers, a cultural shift must occur when it comes to roadway activities.

Road Wise” Train the Trainer takes a new approach to training by teaching students through successful events rather than learning only from the tragedies in law enforcement. This course focuses on roadway dangers that go beyond “watch your speed”. Including everything from operating motor vehicles on patrol and pursuits, to emergency responses and positioning on stops, directing traffic and assisting on accident scenes.

Presented as a two-day, (16) hours Trainer Certification program, this course offers new strategies and tactics that will enhance any agency’s current EVO training program.

As Gordon Graham notes – “If it’s predictable, it’s preventable.” This course is designed to prevent the unnecessary injuries and deaths that occur all too frequently.

Topics addressed include but are not limited to:

  • Reminder – The 7-Step Approach
  • How Stress Affects Driving and Response Behavior
  • Officer Ambushes
  • Affecting Culture Change
  • Officers Involved Case Studies
  • Tactical Trade-Offs
  • The Las Vegas PD Perspective: 365 ALIVE
  • Directing Traffic & Managing Roadway Hazards
  • Striving for The ZERO Injury Culture!
  • Intersection Clearing, Squad Positioning
  • Vehicle Related Deaths
  • Police Related Distractions
  • Personal Injury Consequences