Teaching Rookie Cops How to Talk to People

Basic Communication Skills, Conflict Resolution & Deescalation Tactics
  • Mar 25, 2024
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  • Mar 25, 2024
Wheaton, IL $209.00 Register


Course Description

Teaching Rookie Cops How to Talk to People

Are today’s younger officers proficient at the most basic and necessary skills needed for success in the law enforcement profession, namely effectively interacting with other human beings? Very often the answer is a resounding, “No!”

Why? Several reasons:

  • 75% of children by age 12 have smart phones therefore in constant communication with everyone in their lives 24/7 requiring less independent thought, planning and problem solving skills to develop.
  • Communication is accomplished via text or social media posts.
  • Playtime throughout adolescence is highly structured.
  • Autonomous play and independent peer interaction is delayed and limited compared to previous generations.
  • Parents and other adults overly involved in all aspects of children’s lives (“Helicopter” and “Bull dozer” parenting styles).
  • Conflict is resolved through social media or with parental assistance and scrutiny.
  • Children are discouraged from displaying aggressive behavior.
  • Electronic devices limit unstructured free time that allows for creative thought.

Teaching Rookie Cops How to Talk to People is a course that intends to remedy the communication shortcomings that resulted from the above realities. During this dynamic and entertaining seminar participants will learn, discuss and demonstrate an understanding of basic communication truths. They will learn how to interact, read people, predict behavior, deescalate and resolve conflict.

Many principles of this program are based on Lt. Jim Glennon’s Best Selling Book, “Arresting Communication: Essential Interaction Skills for Law Enforcement”.

Each student will receive a copy of Arresting Communication

Topics in this Seminar will include but not be limited to the following:

  • Understanding the Four Truths of Human Interaction (The What)
  • Arresting Communication: The Principles of Communication Excellence (The How To)
  • The Stages of Interaction
  • Reading People & Situations: Observe, Assess, Decide Act
  • Deescalation Goals and Protocols
  • Analysis of Force Events on Video
  • Tactical Considerations: Time, Distance, Cover & Communication
  • How to Recognize Opportunities to Mitigate Force
  • Self-Control
  • The Link Between Emotions and Behavior