Tactics for Criminal Patrol

Drug Interdiction, Human Trafficking & Roadside Searches
Interdiction Strategies for Detecting, Arresting, and Prosecuting Human Traffickers and Drug Smugglers with a Focus on Fentanyl!

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Course Description

This program is road-tested and includes legally sound strategies for intercepting criminal traffickers of human beings, victims of sex trades, and narcotics.

Drug running is rampant.  With over 110,000 drug overdose deaths last year, narcotics such as fentanyl, often designed to look like candy, are fast becoming the greatest danger to the safety of Americans.


U.S. highways are ripe with criminals and associates to cartels who are transporting people against their will bound for the sex slave trade.

Do you and your officers know how to spot them and dig deep enough to surface what they’re hiding?  This program with teach you!

Designed by Calibre Press instructor Chief Edward Delmore, this practical course provides students with highly practical, instruction in criminal interdiction techniques that can be applied to identify and apprehend criminal suspects and surface hidden contraband including drugs, illegal guns, human trafficking victims, and stolen property.

This course includes in-depth training and discussion of:

  • Suspicious driving behaviors that indicate criminal activity you can spot from the road
  • Interview techniques that help detect deception and derail lying suspects
  • Vehicle documentation abnormalities that can indicate deception
  • Body language “red flags” that expose stress, extreme nervousness and attempt to hide guilt
  • Strategic listening skills that use a suspect’s words and speech patterns to identify lies.
  • Vehicle alterations, hidden compartments and contraband concealment methods
  • Current case law on search & seizure and other interdiction-related legalities.
  • Officer safety tactics for vehicle stops and searches
  • Proven strategies to strengthen your case in court with iron clad reports and thorough evidence documentation.