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NOTE: This is a four-module program. Although it’s recommended that students participate in all four modules, it is NOT required. Each module is crafted to stand alone as an individual course.

Covering an impressive span of basic to more specialized skills and strategies, this series will develop and strengthen your ability to effectively conduct thorough interviews and

This series consists of:

Module 1:  A Case Study

This module begins the series with Instructor Steve Johnson walking students through a step-by-step discussion, using actual video recordings, of the interview & interrogation processes he was directly involved in that led to the discovery of a missing 17-year-old teen after a 26-year-old teacher confessed to killing her. Although believed to be dead, the girl was actually still alive when investigators found her under leaves in the woods.

Module 2: Detecting Deception

Deceptive people often share a mixture of truth and lies when answering questions and sharing information. This module explores everything from strategically designed locations to conduct interviews/interrogations and statement analysis to interpreting verbal and physical behaviors that indicate deceit.

Module 3: Understanding Human Behavior & Body Language

his module addresses the crucial skills necessary for effective interviews and interrogations by exploring the depth and accuracy of information someone is giving you, and how to recognize and interpret messages you may be receiving through non-verbal language, paralinguistics and human behaviors.

Module 4: Building Rapport

The ability to emotionally engage a subject is one of the most powerful skills you can have when it comes to interviews and interrogation. Putting the time into learning to establish trust, gain credibility and build a “bond” with your subject can pay serious dividends.

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Interview and Interrogation Series – Module 1
Interview & Interrogation in Action: Real World Case Study

Interview and Interrogation Series – Module 2
Detecting Deception

Interview and Interrogation Series – Module 3
Understanding Human Behavior and Body Language

Interview and Interrogation Series – Module 4
Building Rapport

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