The Language of Lies: Detecting Deceptive Behavior

This CalibrePLUS program is 3-hours and delivered live-online via Webex©

  • Apr 11, 2023
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  • Apr 11, 2023
Live Online $139.00 Register



Course Description

How can you spot when someone is lying?

By studying the craft. The art of it and the science of it.

The Language of Lies is a program is founded in psychology, biology and most importantly, decades of experience on the part of seasoned investigators and hostage negotiators who have dealt with people endlessly telling untruths.

This 3-hour program begins by dissecting both the verbal and nonverbal aspect of reading people in the moment. Then we dig deep into why people lie, how it causes a stress reaction and how that reaction CAN be read if you know how to recognize the words being used or not used, subtle body language cues, paralinguistics and much more.

This course was created by Lt. Jim Glennon who has a bachelor’s degree in psychology, has authored a book on body language, communication and human behavior, and spent a great portion of his 30-year career in investigations, detectives and a major crimes task force. The content of this webinar is a result of his experiences and education.

We will discuss the following topics:

  • The Awesome Power of the Unconscious
  • Stress or Lies?
  • Who is the Easiest to Read?
  • Psychological vs. Physiological Reasons the Body Reveals Deception
  • The Patterns of Truth vs. The Patterns of Deception
  • Inconsistencies: Body, Words, Situation
  • Language Used and Not Used
  • Conversational Cadence Changes