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The Competitive Edge

The Competitive Edge is a relevant, applicable and dynamic program geared towards the unique responsibilities and realities of dealing with offenders in a variety of situations. Whether dealing with offenders in an office setting or encountering them during home visits, Probation/Parole Officers constantly deal with the criminal element. Extremely high case loads, contact quotas, and the need for rapid assessments is a recipe for disaster.

This course promotes the belief that both career success and officer safety begins with – and is ultimately dependent on – the ability for officers to read others quickly and accurately.  Students will learn to look at communication from a completely new perspective.  Not only will students learn to predict when a defendant is about to initiate a violent confrontation, but how to respond to the burgeoning threat using both proven verbal strategies and other communication skills. Students will also learn how to use these same these same communication skills in an office setting to obtain truthful and accurate information from deceptive defendants.

This course is constantly evolving, incorporating current events and relevant supporting material that meet the professional needs of Law Enforcement.  Topics include:

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