In 1980, author Charles Remsberg and photographer/producer Dennis Anderson published Street Survival: Tactics for Armed Encounters.  Immediately, this book changed the landscape of law enforcement by introducing new tactics, personal stories, and real scenarios.  Within a year of Street Survival’s publication, the Street Survival Seminar was born and it quickly grew to become the most popular and respected resource for officer tactical training in the country.

Charles and Dennis went on to follow up Street Survival with The Tactical Edge and Tactics for Criminal Patrol to create the Street Survival Trilogy.  The Trilogy became the backbone of the Street Survival seminars for years to come. The most respected law enforcement trainers in the country presented the Street Survival Seminar to thousands of law enforcement officers. Instructors Dave Grossi, Jim Glennon, and Ray Decunto were just a few of the many responsible for continuing the legacy of Street Survival and ensuring its place as the premier seminar for tactics and survival.

Today, under the direction of Lt. Jim Glennon, Calibre Press and the Street Survival Seminar continues to offer innovative and up to date content designed to keep officers safe and give them the tools to enjoy a successful career in law enforcement.  Lt. Glennon is responsible for the most significant update to the seminar in 30 years.

In 2013, Calibre Press and LifeLine Training were brought together under the direction of Lisa Gitchell and Lt. Jim Glennon.  LifeLine Training’s law enforcement courses offered training that complimented the Street Survival Seminar and expanded on relevant law enforcement subjects.  Calibre Press now offers a variety of courses that include: Criminal Interdiction, Roadway Safety, Leadership, Female Officer Training, Crisis Management, Communication, Parole/Probation Courses, Corrections/Detention Courses, Traffic Tactics, and Winning Mind Courses.  These courses are taught by some of the most experienced and dynamic law enforcement trainers in the country.

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