Turley TNSpencer Turley is a Correctional Administrator in the State of Utah, where he began his career in 2003. He has served in various capacities as a Correctional and Law Enforcement Officer, which include: Officer, FTO, Sergeant, Firearms Training Coordinator, Captain, Training Manager for pre-service/in-service and currently is a Correctional Administrator in Probation and Parole.

During his time as the in-service training manager, Spencer’s specialty was teaching and developing leadership courses. He has developed and instructed numerous courses to include: First Line Supervisor & Mid-Management leadership, Use of Force for Supervisors, Performance Improvement and Feedback, Train the Trainer for Firearm Instructors, Role Play and Dynamic Simulation courses and many more.

In addition to the leadership specialty, Spencer also serves as an armorer, handgun and patrol rifle instructor, OC Instructor, Taser Instructor, Instructor Development Instructor, Dynamic Simulation Instructor and Motivational Interviewing Instructor for his Department.

Spencer holds a Bachelor of Criminal Justice with a Minor in Psychology from Weber State University.  Spencer and the training team he serves with have twice been awarded the Utah Governor’s Award for Innovation and Leadership (2013, 2016).

Spencer teaches Cell Block Survival and Raising the Bar with Calibre Press.