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Road Wise: Train the Trainer

Striving for The ZERO Injury Culture

Everything comes down to culture!  Injury and death on the roadway are a direct result of your organizational culture; here is where the responsibility to reduce both lies.

Road Wise “Train the Trainer” course addresses how to make practical policy and protocol changes in roadway activities including but not limited to operating motor vehicles on patrol, pursuit and emergency responses to positioning on stops, directing traffic and assisting on accident scenes.

This class will assist agencies in implementing a positive training environment to improve every aspect of roadway behavior. 

The following Topics are Discussed:



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Mar 11 - Mar 12, 2019 Road Wise - Train the Trainer (Dallas, TX) Denton, TX Register Here
May 6 - May 7, 2019 Road Wise - Train the Trainer (Santa Fe, NM) Santa Fe, NM Register Here