Managing Your Health & Wellness, On & Off Duty

In today’s climate, resiliency is undeniably the most critical characteristic every peace officer must have. The psychological intensity and emotional complexity involved with policing today is extraordinary. If not well managed, this can prove overwhelming…if not devastating.

Sadly, that’s been proven far too often.

This crucial course was developed specifically for law enforcement in coordination with Dr. Tania Glenn, a leading national expert in first responder mental health and author of the pivotal book, Code Four: Surviving and Thriving in Public Safety. Dr. Glenn has an unsurpassed level of experience working with officers across the country and has been called in to assist after some of the most emotionally impactful events in history, including the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the Oklahoma City bombing, Hurricane Katrina and the 1996 mass murder of officers in Dallas.

Bringing the combined expertise of Dr. Glenn and the Calibre Press training team to bear, this program is designed to teach officers highly effective techniques they can immediately employ to maintain a sense of emotional balance and control in the midst of a barrage of negativity, stress, and concern. It will help them develop iron-clad resiliency strategies they can rely on every day to effectively steel them against the multi-dimensional pressures they face.

This course is practical, realistic and singularly focused on the uniquely difficult challenges peace officers face, both on the street and at home. Recognizing that minds are at stake, careers may be challenged, families can be impacted and lives may be in the balance, this course candidly confronts the urgent need to build and maintain resiliency in an atmosphere that demands it.

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