“I wasn’t sure the quality was going to be as good in an online format, but was pleasantly surprised to have been given great training using several helpful video’s of scenarios followed by feedback on handling issues. Excellent Course. Excellent Instructor.”

Deputy Rhode – Adams County Sheriff’s Office

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Emotional Survival: The 24/7 Realities

Based on scientifically-rooted, research-supported knowledge of psychology and human behavior, the core goal of this course is to develop and strengthen officers’ ability to mitigate the need for force by employing skilled communication strategies in combination with an acutely interpretative approach to effectively “reading” people  and better assisting in avoiding legitimately avoidable uses of force.


Course text here

3 Hour Program:  $129/pp   (Group Rates Available)

3.0 Hours $129/pp

Deescalation, Intervention & Force Mitigation

Based on scientifically-rooted, research-supported knowledge of psychology and human behavior, the core goal of this course is to develop and strengthen officers’ ability to mitigate the need for force by employing skilled communication strategies in combination with an acutely interpretative approach to effectively “reading” people  and better assisting in avoiding legitimately avoidable uses of force.

3.0 Hours $129/pp

Detecting Armed Individuals

In this course, highly decorated weapons detection expert Sgt. Jeffrey Kleinsmith (ret.) will share proven techniques and observation methods used to uncover hidden weapons , spot the most common hiding places, recognize body movements that indicate hidden weapons and offer tactics to control an armed individual.

3.0 Hours $129/pp

Duty to Intervene

Though policies exist that require intervention when witnessing inappropriate force by fellow officers, confusion, fear and established cultures are some obstacles at the root of noncompliance.  Those obstacles can destroy the lives of officers, departments and community. This timely course examines those realities and dives into solutions focused on creating an effective culture and establishing trusting relationships that will result in willing compliance of these intervention policies.

3.0 Hours $129/pp

Emotional Survival For Female Enforcers

As Law Enforcement Professionals, we want to be the best officer we can be.  Respected for the job we do and accepted as an integral part of the organization.

This program focuses on overcoming the 24/7 demands that exist in a career serving and protecting a community, home, and family. Managing those demands can sometimes be the most difficult part of the job.

3.0 Hours $129/pp

Encountering People with PTSD

Calls involving people coping with PTSD can be particularly challenging for responding officers. They’re commonly characterized by hard-to-predict, rapidly changing and sometimes extremely intense behavior. Without appropriate training, officers may face increased risk. The insights, tactics and techniques shared in this program will prepare you to more safely and effectively interact with those suffering from PTSD.

6.0 Hours $179/pp

Female Enforcers

Female Enforcers is a one-day course specifically designed to address the 24/7 realities of law enforcement from a woman’s perspective.

This inspiring seminar focuses on Gender Advantages and Disadvantages in the areas of Use of Force Encounters, Innate Instincts, Communication Skills, Physical Fitness and Training Strategies.

3.0 Hours $99/pp

Financial Planning for Law Enforcement

For more than 23 years, Tim an experienced financial planner and investment advisor representative, has helped people from all walks of life gain a 360-degree understanding of their financial condition and helps educate them on the considerations they must take into account when planning for the future, regardless of the “starting point” of their efforts. 

Tim, who also holds a degree in Criminal Justice, this course will effectively help you perform a personal diagnostic check of your financial state to more fully understand current and future options to consider.

3.0 Hours $129/pp

This course will dissect all biases, whether implicit or explicit, and examine whether we have any that are illicit in nature, particularly as they relate to race and cultural diversity.

Biases that could cause officers to unconsciously view certain people as inherently dangerous can result inaccurate assessments, flawed decisions, unprofessional behavior and unnecessary uses of force.

Four - 3.0 Hour Modules
$129.00pp - Per Module
$516/pp - For All Four Modules

Interview & Interrogation: A 4 Part Program

Covering an impressive span of basic to more specialized skills and strategies, this series will develop and strengthen your ability to effectively conduct thorough interviews and interrogations.

Module #1:  A Case Study (3.0 hrs)

Module #2:  Detecting Deception (3.0 hrs)

Module #3:  Understanding Human Behavior & Body Language (3.0 hrs)

Module #4:  Building Rapport (3.0 hrs)

6.0 Hours $199/pp

Legally Justified; But Was it Avoidable?

With a goal of avoiding the avoidable, we should look backward from the moment force was used and honestly assess whether the officer, by action or lack of action, contributed to its ultimate need. We analyze dozens of recent use of force videos and focus on the totality of the interaction by dissecting behaviors of both offender and officer to determine if ill-advised tactics, ineffective communication or inability to manage stress contributed to the incident.

3.0 Hours $129/pp

Mastering the Promotional Process

This straight-forward, 3-hour live online course is designed to give you a full understanding of every segment of the promotional process and share effective tips that will help you make the best impression possible so you can rise above the crowd. To get promoted, you need to identify and utilize every cutting-edge support tool you can find.

3.0 Hours $129/pp

Off Duty Survival

As an officer, you train for the kinds of force encounters that inherently come with being an on-duty cop, but do you put the same thought into preparing for potential encounters that may occur off-duty? The safety of your family depends on it.  The mission of this course is two-fold:
1. To identify the safety factors you must consider when you’re off duty, in civilian clothes and with your family.
2. To teach you (and your family) safety strategies and tactics that will keep you alert and ready to act appropriately – as a prepared team – should you be forced into an off-duty encounter.

3.0 Hours $129/pp

Promotional Strategies for the Female Enforcer

Promotional Strategies will focus on preparing your resume and obtaining effective study material, to in-depth insight into the interview process and improving your overall presence during face to face interactions.

In dynamic fashion and with an eye on the goal, Cyndy shares powerful tips, gained from first-hand experience, to give aspiring police leaders the edge they need to effectively prepare for peak performance during every stage of the promotional process.

This powerfully effective course is instructed by retired Deputy Chief Cyndy Velazquez, a graduate of the Northwestern University School of Staff and Command who holds a Master’s Degree in Organizational Behavior and a Bachelor’s Degree in Law Enforcement Administration.

3.0 Hours $129/pp

Reading People: Becoming a Body Language Expert

Reading People; Becoming a Body Language Expert is one of the most valuable seminars you will ever attend as a law enforcement officer.

At its core, police work is a human behavior profession.  Your job is to successfully assess the emotional and physical state of a person.  Are they dangerous? Are they in need?  Are they emotionally or physically in crisis.  Are they perpetrators or victims?  And you have to do this all in the blink of an eye.

The only way to accomplish that is to become a master at controlling, redirecting and influencing other people’s behavior which begins with Reading People.  

6.0 Hours $259/pp

Scenarios and Tactics for the Field Training Officer

Scenarios and Tactics for the Field Training Officer is a course that identifies the essential characteristics and skills necessary to improve the performance of new police officers. 

This course will enhance your training program, regardless of the model you’re using, and propel your training officers to a higher level of excellence. Training officers will leave with actual scenarios that offer tools to train essential skills that are frequently not taught in basic FTO curriculum. The course is designed with the backing of more than 50 empirical resources and collaboration from leading Subject Matter Experts throughout North America.

3.0 Hours $129/pp

Spotting Pre-Assault Indicators

This is not your average “body language” course.

This extremely popular, hyper-focused program is packed with recent video footage capturing actual assaults on officers for the purpose of demonstrating the critical importance of identifying those subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) behaviors, statements and positions that can flag an impending attack.

Calibre’s instructional approach is expertly designed to increase preparation, not paranoia, by utilizing scenarios that involve acutely alert officers who effectively spot and counter imminent and possibly fatal attacks.

6.0 Hours $199/pp

Street Survival Seminar

Today’s Street Survival® Seminar addresses law enforcement as the multi-faceted profession it has become. Rather than limiting our focus to just surviving deadly threats, we also discuss the need to prepare officers for making sound, legal and reasonable decisions under stress in order to preserve the lives of citizens as well as their own.

The foundation of this program is the understanding, training and realistically response to stress events. From driving too fast and using unwarranted amounts of force to ineffective communication and the inability to decompress off-duty, the seminar emphasizes the need to understand and manage stress as the key to professional and personal success.


3.0 Hours $129/pp

The Competitive Edge for Probation & Parole

The Competitive Edge is a program geared towards the unique responsibilities of dealing with offenders  whether in an office setting or encountering them during home visits. Probation/Parole Officers will learn how to predict when a defendant is about to initiate a violent confrontation, and effectively respond to the burgeoning threat using proven verbal strategies and other communication skills.