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Recruiting & Retaining the Next Generation of Law Enforcement

Over the past several years, Law Enforcement finds itself struggling to attract qualified candidates to the profession.  In addition, veteran officers are leaving their agencies at a rate never seen before.

In a climate of clashing media narratives, how do you cut through the noise and sell your culture and your profession?

How do you get the facts out there, mend community relations, and flourish as an agency?

Law enforcement is in desperate need of taking back the agenda-driven narrative that dishonors the profession and disparages its members.

As leaders, we have to take control and re-establish the integrity of the profession, build stronger partnerships with the community and create empowering internal cultures that attract and retain the best.

A Calibre Press instructor will open this two-day symposium by challenging law enforcement managers to think critically about the solutions.  They’ll offer data, stats and relevant studies that highlight what we’re doing right and what we’re doing wrong as leaders of both organization and community.  We’ll will then begin the discussion on 1) how to successfully attract and recruit qualified applicants – including members of the minority community, and 2) how to retain your experienced officers in today’s climate.

We then introduce Officer Ryan Tillman, creator of the ground-breaking initiative Breaking Barriers United which teams law enforcement officers with school districts and at-risk youths to bridge the gap between police and community. Ryan will share the success BBU has experienced building trust in our youths and developing programs that have proven to be effective community policing.

Finally, we will facilitate breakout sessions and conduct an open panel discussion, allowing participants the opportunity to weigh in with the instructors on the issues at hand.

Course topics will include but not be limited to:



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Oct 15 - Oct 16, 2020 Recruiting & Retaining the Next Generation (Brea, CA) - NEW DATE Brea, CA Register Here