I Know You Are Lying


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Statement Analysis® is the process of analyzing a persons words to see if the person is being truthful or deceptive. There are usually several ways you can phrase a statement. People will word their statement based on all their knowledge. Therefore, their statement may include information they did not intend to share. I Know You Are Lying will show you what to look for in a verbal and written statement to determine if a person is telling the truth. The Statement Analysis techniques will also show you how to obtain additional information from a statement.

Also included is an analysis of eight high profile cases. An examination of these cases will help you review the Statement Analysis techniques, and it will show you who is being truthful and who is being deceptive in the following cases:

– The Oklahoma City Bombing
– The O.J. Simpson Murder Trial
– Sexual Molestation Allegations Against Michael Jackson
– The Assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
– The Lindbergh Kidnapping and the Trial of Bruno Richard Hauptmann
– President Clinton and Monica Lewinsky Scandal
– The Murder of Marylin Sheppard
– The JonBenet Ramsey Murder

Whether you are conducting an interview or listening to a conversation, when you use the Statement Analysis techniques you will be able to determine who is being truthful and who is being deceptive.