Registration Questions:

Can I replace someone registered for an upcoming seminar with another person from my agency/organization?

Can I register for a seminar and pay later?

Can I obtain a course overview to submit to my department?

When is the last day I can register for a course?

Can I attend a seminar if I am not a sworn officer?

After I hit “click here to submit your registration” it keeps taking me to the same page.  What should I do?

Seminar Questions:

What do I need to wear for the seminar?

How can I obtain a certificate if I did not receive my copy at the seminar?

My name was spelled wrong on my certificate.  How can I get a corrected certificate?

Billing Questions:

What is the cancellation policy for Calibre Press seminars?

Are there group discounts available?

I registered a group and didn’t receive discount or I forgot to enter the promo code for the discount.  What should I do?

Will I still be able to attend the seminar  if my agency/organization’s funding will not go through by the day of the class?

Where should I send payment?

My credit card won’t process.  What should I do?

Our finance department received a printed invoice, but would like to pay by credit card.  How can we pay with a credit card?

How do I know if my department paid the invoice?

 I need Calibre Press to fill out a new vendor form.

How can I get a receipt for a credit card payment?