Deescalation, Intervention & Force Mitigation Opportunities

March 01, 2022
08:00 am – 05:00 pm 

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  • March 1, 2022
    8:00 am - 5:00 pm


Lombard Village Hall, 255 E Wilson Ave, Lombard, Illinois, 60148, United States

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Course Description

This broader, more in-depth full day program is based off the core foundational principles of our popular 3-hour program. In addition to the discussion points covered in the more truncated version of this program, we will cover issues related to the appropriate application of force when deescalation efforts cannot achieve their intended goal.

In a time when an increasing number of people seem prone to emotional eruption and resistant to demonstrate even the most basic levels of cooperation with law enforcement, an officer’s ability to successfully preempt escalation and when necessary, emotionally de-escalate an intensifying situation is absolutely critical. This is a complex task requiring specialized training and a well-developed ability to understand human nature, identify and interpret the source of intense emotions and implement strategies that effectively allow officers to demonstrate unwavering professionalism, even in the face of extreme provocation. This course will provide that.

Based on scientifically-rooted, research-supported knowledge of psychology and human behavior, the core goal of this course is simple yet profound: to develop and strengthen officers’ abilities to mitigate the need for force by employing skilled communication strategies in combination with an acutely interpretative approach to effectively “reading” people and revealing their needs, sensitivities and motives. Once aware of that information, officers are dramatically better prepared to calm, deflect and defuse emotions that if poorly handled, can have explosive results. This course will help officers effectively “lower the temperature” of potentially incendiary encounters and better assist in avoiding legitimately avoidable uses of force.

During this program, we use current events and a wide array of the latest videos to bring reality into the course, students will quickly grasp the necessary concepts of interaction that will allow them to immediately utilize the skills taught in the class during their next street encounters.

Topics include but aren’t limited to:

• An explanation of why deescalation is not a phrase, word or tactic, but a goal
• Why developing a culture of intervention to thwart unprofessional behavior is crucial
• How to determine when deescalation efforts are, in fact, futile
Understanding appropriate levels of force in relation to subject resistance and behavior
• The six “keys” for successful deescalation
• Cultural intervention strategies & expectations
• The interaction stages
• Human behavior truths
• Building Iron-Clad Reports after a use of force event
• Detecting Deception: Verbal & non-verbal cues
• The significance of treating people as having inherent worth
• Recognizing pre-assault indicators
• Reduce legal liabilities by understading when to reduce force without compromising safety

This class is a crash course in contemporary leadership skills and traits. It’s essential to those interested in learning… and great to those currently leading.
Officer Rivera, Salinas PD, CA

Training was excellent and hit on some good points such as utilizing time and distance when they are on your side.”

Lt. Encinias – Las Vegas Police Department

Great content, insightful and interactive training. Training in high stress situations can help you recognize what actions are actually needed in the moment.”

Officer McKenzie – Columbus State Police Department

I’ve attended Calibre Press training in the past and the online course was just as good. Quality Instructors, the training is updated and Calibre keeps up with the changes in law enforcement.