Today's Traffic Stop & Street Enforcement Tactics

Traffic Stops and Street Encounters

Course Overview

This is a 2-hour CalibrePLUS online training course delivered via Webex©

This expertly designed course, based on decades of real-world street experience, explores two of the most common yet potentially perilous interactions in police work; traffic stops and street encounters.

Created to reinforce how officers can remain pro-active and successful in today’s American policing, this program will arm students with practical, proven strategies that better ensure officer safety and professional effectiveness while making traffic stops, conducting roadside interviews, searching vehicles and interacting with the community.

Calibre encourages law enforcement professionals from rookie to veteran officer, as well as training officers looking to enhance their patrol tactics programs, to take this course.

Instructed by Chief Scott Hughes, who brings to bear a lifetime of Street Survival-focused experience, this class dynamically teaches officers:

  • Defense strategies for avoiding the pitfalls of “routine” and avoiding a dangerous slide into tactical complacency.
  • Thorough searching techniques of both driver and passengers during traffic stops and of subjects on the street.
  • Thorough vehicle search techniques
  • Proven, officer safety-focused best practices for handcuffing in a variety of scenarios.
  • Effective communications skills that help gain cooperation, maintain control and avoid escalation.
  • Tactically solid, legally sound stop & frisk techniques.


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