A Street Cop's Perspective of Critical Force Dynamics & Human Factors

Featuring Nationally Recognized Human Factors Expert Sgt. Jamie Borden (ret.)
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Active Threat Incidents
Preparation, Response, and Recovery

Constitutional Use of Force; Legal to Reasonable Force Issues
Legal to Reasonable Force Issues

How to Predict Violence and Influence Outcomes
Dynamics of Street Engagements and Situational Awareness

Legally Justified; But was it Avoidable?
The Crucial Question at the Core of Use of Force

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Course Description

Designed specifically for patrol officers & first line supervisors!

Taught by nationally recognized human factors expert Sgt. Jamie Borden (ret.)

To successfully navigate the details of force encounters and other complex, stressful, time-compressed scenarios police face on the street, it’s imperative that officers themselves—and their first line supervisors—understand the biochemical, physiological and cognitive factors that impact performance, perceptions and behavior.

Until now, there has been no training available to explain these concepts from the police officer’s perspective. In this first-of-its-kind course, these concepts aren’t just taught, they’re simplified, interpreted and practically applied to the street.

Help officers and supervisors understand:

  • “Time compression” and how it affects decision-making under pressure.
  • The core concepts of action/reaction time, situational awareness, focus of attention and their impact on tactics and officer behavior.
  • How to provide an articulate, realistic statement that includes explanation of identifiable human limitation issues associated with high torque events and how they can impact memory and performance.
  • Develop an awareness of why your “subjective truth”—what you truly experienced in the moment—may differ from actual facts as the result of unavoidable cognitive distortions.
  • You are not a liar!
  • Develop video literacy to understand why your memory and video footage of high-stress, rapidly evolving events may not sync…and why that’s expected and OK