FREE WEBINAR: Tyre Nichols: The Inevitability of a Flawed Philosophy?




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Course Description

The death of Tyre Nichols ignited yet another firestorm of pressing questions about the current and future state of law enforcement. Was this a fatal by-product of lowered hiring standards? Are we destined to see more of the same?

What’s going on with law leadership in general? Misguided? Uninvolved, Unqualified? How can we overcome the “1 step forward, 10 steps back” level of damage suffered after incidents like this? Is it possible?

In this free Webinar, an elite panel of law enforcement leadership experts will confront these urgent issues head on and apply their expertise to flesh out practical, effective solutions for immediate implementation and long-term results.

  • Training for reality vs. training to satisfy standards.
  • The knee-jerk focus on racism.
  • Why are quality officers leaving?
  • Form over substance in policies and philosophy.
  • Drive for diversity over quality.
  • Solutions: Obvious, immediate & critical.