FREE WEBINAR: The Dynamics, Science & Liabilities of Force Events

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Course Overview

Leading force investigations expert Sgt. Jamie Borden (ret.), creator of the groundbreaking Use of Force Training & Analysis Unit at Henderson (NV) PD, and prominent national trainer Lt. Jim Glennon (ret.), former Commander of the DuPage Co. (IL) Major Crimes Task Force and current Director of Curriculum at Calibre Press, will discuss critical considerations for law enforcement leaders related to mitigating liability through understanding and applying the science of incident dynamics.

Topics of discussion will include:

  • Policy vs. Proficiency: Why having something in writing that is not understood, practiced and supported by training & effective protocols is your greatest liability
  • Why supervisors who review force reports need an understanding of stress and the science of human performance
  • Why tracking training is crucial to reducing liability
  • How your post-event decisions as a supervisor can quickly mitigate or magnify liability
  • How understanding the science of human behavior during and after a major force event can enhance your policies and support your officers…instead of “lose” them.
  • How top leadership can avoid raising the expectations of your supervisors without raising their talent.
  • Reducing the potential for negatively impacting use-of-force reports as they move up the chain of command for review.
  • Why sergeants play a key role in your leadership and force investigations structure and how to better support and strengthen them.

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