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Raising the Bar

Because Everyone Should be a Leader
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Raising the Bar
Because Everyone Should be a Leader

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Course Description

Raising the Bar is a one-day course designed to address the realities of being a leader in a correctional environment. This course will help all corrections professionals understand the important leadership role they play in their organization regardless of title or rank—everyone is a leader.

Throughout the course, students will actively participate in the discussion, learn from their peers, have the opportunity for self-reflection and receive practical ideas that are realistic, applicable and easy to implement.

This course is constantly evolving, incorporating current events and relevant supporting material that meet the needs of today’s correctional leaders. During this dynamic and engaging seminar, students will learn the following:

  • How to be an effective leader of both staff and offenders
  • Transitioning from peer to supervisor
  • Being an ethical leader
  • Displaying honor, integrity, accountability, and courage in our leadership
  • Correctional staff fatigue and burnout
  • Use of Force response considerations
  • Creating a positive culture that will stick
  • Responsibilities vs. privileges of leadership
  • FTO Program Considerations
  • Motivating and empowering others
  • Leadership is about people, not things
  • Self-reflection and examination



“I enjoyed the class.  It opened my eyes to different methods I could use to motivate my staff.  I learned new ways to improve on my leadership style.”

Sgt. Shannon – Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, FL


“Very well presented and very relatable.  Many tools I can and will be using during our daily shift and throughout the Sheriff’s Office.  Very Educational and Highly Enjoyed.

Hancock County Sheriff’s Office, MS