Procedural Justice

Proactive Policing and Racial Profiling: Doing One Without the Other

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Course Description

Today’s climate has all but extinguished the motivation and ability to police proactively. Many agencies and individual officers have pulled back out of concern for political, legal and societal blowback following any law enforcement engagement with suspected criminals. Unfortunately, this comes at a time when proactive policing is needed more than ever.

Society expects, in fact demands, that we conduct policing operations in a professional, Constitutional manner and act based on behavior and without regard to race. This class teaches officers to do proactive street police work utilizing objective criteria for making contacts and eliminating the use of any techniques based on race, perceived religious affiliation, etc.

This three-hour, live-online program moves beyond simply explaining racial profiling and implicit bias and detailing what officers should not do. It presents legally sound, street-effective strategies that help officers do their jobs proactively.

In this highly practical, experience-based course Chief Ed Delmore will cover topics

  • Constitutionally sound patrol techniques to apprehend criminals and seize weapons, drugs & stolen property.
  • Explanation of case law that will help officers be legally proactive.
  • Successful roadside interviewing.
  • Review of contact & cover, stop tactics and use of in-car and body-worn cameras.