Off Duty Survival

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Course Description

As an officer, you train for the kinds of force encounters that inherently come with being an on-duty cop, but do you put the same thought into preparing for potential encounters that may occur off-duty? The safety of your family depends on it.

The mission of this course is two-fold;

1. To identify the safety factors you must consider when you’re off duty, in civilian clothes and with your family.

2. To teach you (and your family) safety strategies and tactics that will keep you alert and ready to act appropriately – as a prepared team – should you be forced into an off-duty force encounter.

Topics include:

• Making the mental shift from on-duty to off-duty without sacrificing your tactical edge OR your ability to relax.

• Choosing the right off-duty gear, from firearms and ammo to restraining devices.

• Creating a comprehensive family plan that ensures every family member knows exactly what to do should an off-duty event suddenly materialize.

• Tips for driving to and from the station.

• Deciding to get involved: legalities, liabilities & necessity.

• Post-encounter “care” for your family…and you.


“This was a fantastic class. Things were taught to me I never even thought of.”

Deputy Titus – Adams County Sheriff’s Office


“Outstanding course, the instructor was on top of her game. Did an excellent job at putting out the information. Highly recommend this course to future officers.”

Deputy Weldon – Virginia Beach Sheriff’s Office