Three-Module Series

Female Enforcer Series - Module 2: Mental Tactics for the Female Enforcer

This is a dynamic, interactive 3-hour CalibrePLUS live-online training course delivered via Webex©

Course Description

This is a dynamic, interactive 3-hour CalibrePLUS live-online training course delivered via Webex©

Calibre Press has been successfully training female law enforcement officers for over 20 years. As the industry leader in officer safety and street survival, this course focuses on tactics specific to the female officer.

This first-of-its kind modular training series is an absolutely must for every female law enforcement officer. Its revolutionary design takes a full circle learning approach to covering the mental, emotional and physical aspects of being a woman bearing a badge. Through a symbiotic relationship between three separate but closely related programs, our instructor is able to deliver—then build upon—critical teaching points and powerful first-hand insights. This is truly a whole-person, whole-career experience no female officer can afford to miss.

In sudden violent encounters, the degree to which you’re mentally prepared to navigate the chaos, confusion and complexity of an attack can rival—if not surpass—the survival value of your tactical preparedness.

Are you prepared to handle what you may see in a violent encounter? What you may hear? Feel? Think?

Mental Tactics for the Female Enforcer will help you develop the RIGHT skills to train, prepare and execute emotional control and mental focus when you need it the most.

In this module, you’ll learn how to:

• Train to avoid the mental mistakes that can put you at severely increased risk.

• Effectively control the biological, chemical and physiological impact of intense, sudden onset stress.

• Understand the critical difference between preparation and paranoia.

• Employ strategies for training to be mentally prepared for the unexpected and the unknown.

• Leverage visualization techniques that could ultimately save your life in an unexpected violent encounter.

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