Interview and Interrogation

Eliciting the Truth and Determining Deceit

Course Overview

Covering an impressive span of basic to more specialized skills and strategies, this course will develop and strengthen your ability to gain accurate information while filtering through lies and inaccuracies.

It explores everything from strategically designed locations to conduct interviews/interrogations to interpreting verbal and physical behavior, issues related to recording and legalities surrounding subject questioning.

Centering on a major investigation where after a 16-hr. interrogation a suspect confesses to killing someone and shows investigators, on video, where he left the victim’s body.

Students will learn:

  • A collection of proven techniques for questioning based on your unique situation.
  • Strategies for drawing out incriminating info. from guilty subjects, accurately determining innocence and garnering detailed information from victims and witnesses.
  • Using your surroundings to support your interviewing/interrogation efforts.
  • Steps to take to ensure your audio/video recordings of interviews/interrogations are admitted into court.

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Interview and Interrogation
Eliciting the Truth and Determining Deceit

Read – Recognize – Respond
From De-Escalation to Detecting Attack

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