Duty to Intervene - A Chief's Perspective

A Special Edition!

Course Overview

Welcome to Calibre Press’ Duty to Intervene; Special Edition!

In this program, Chief Ed Delmore from Gulf Shores, AL, will share his unique perspective from his position as a top administrator. With over 40 years of experience, Chief Delmore will discuss issues related to departmental responsibilities to require and support intervention efforts when called for, policy considerations, approaches to discipline, how department leadership can control—better yet, prevent— interpersonal issues that may arise as the result of intervention, strategies for leveraging intervention events to improve training and more.

Using the same focus on Duty to Intervene, Jim and Ed will discuss why the disconnect between policy and practice.

Topics Discussed:

Culture: police culture generally discourages officers from interfering in another officer’s discretion and behavior no matter how obvious and egregious it may be. Officers witnessing such behavior fear that intercession may result in isolation, ridicule and loss of both trust and friendships.

Ambiguous Policies: policies are ambiguous at best and inadequate at their worst. Most require intervention after the force begins, ignoring the officer’s attitude and behavior prior to the force event.

Poor Training: a lack of clear training, uninvolved supervision and a belief that the policy is designed to discipline officers rather than protect them and their integrity.

Leadership & Trust: A Chief’s role in the overall culture of the organization.

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