Women in Command 2021

Course Overview

This six (6) hour presentation is based on Calibre’s two-day course Women in Command and is presented in an energetic and interactive, live-online platform.

Being a female leader in a male dominated profession has its own distinct sets of challenges. Being a female leader in today’s climate has created more unique obstacles than ever before. Women in Command 2021 will focus on assisting women in becoming more effective leaders in a male dominated industry.  Female leaders have unique ideas, insight and solutions.  We will discuss the need for more gender diversity in order to solve the problems in their communities at large.

Designed to help leaders maintain a professional, positive and inspiring climate, this program will offer examples of the traits and skill sets of proven, successful leaders and accomplished agencies. During this live-online and interactive class, we will engage in lively discussions in an open forum populated by current and future women law enforcement leaders.

Topics examined will include:

  • Leading in Today’s Unique Climate
  • Maintaining an Effective Organizational Culture
  • Diversity in Leadership; Decision Making and Problem Solving
  • Leadership Qualities Unique to Women
  • Building your Credibility
  • Mentoring and Leading by Example
  • Self Examination

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  • May 06, 2021
Women in Command – Online Seminar Live Online 
  • Jun 30, 2021
Women in Command – Online Seminar Live Online 

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