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Detecting Armed Individuals

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This Program is Only Available for an Agency to Rent On-Demand for 30-Days

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Reading People; Becoming a Body Language Expert

Spotting Pre-Assault Indicators
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Course Description

If there’s one thing that gives armed individuals the upper hand over officers, it’s the element of surprise. An unseen gun, knife or other weapon that’s suddenly pulled on an unsuspecting officer puts that officer dangerously behind the reactionary curve, which can have deadly consequences.

What’s the best defense against that? The ability to spot hidden weapons.

This unique course is instructed by Sergeant Jeffrey Kleinsmith (ret.), a highly decorated weapons detection expert who served more than 30 years with the United States Secret Service Uniformed Division. Kleinsmith participated in more than 200 domestic and international protective service details and was an original member of an elite multi-agency gun recovery unit that patrolled the streets of Washington, DC in search of illicit weapons.

In this program, Sgt. Kleinsmith will share the proven techniques and observation methods he and other members of his team used to detect weapons on dangerous individuals in the course of protecting the community and some of the most powerful & prominent figures in the world.


You’ll also learn:

  • Subtle but telling behavior individuals display before attacking.
  • Body positioning and movement clues that can indicate hidden weapons.
  • The most common hiding spots for guns & knives.
  • Tactics for controlling armed subjects.
  • Subject movement to watch for on traffic stops.
  • Questioning techniques that can lead to “confessions” to being armed.
  • Report writing skills for explaining your weapon detection methods.
  • Court testimony strategies.