Webinar: Active Shooters & Mass Assaults: Considerations That Impact Policy & Response





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Active Shooters & Mass Assaults:
Considerations That Impact Policy & Response

July 27, 2022
10:00 am – Noon (Central Standard Time)

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In light of the recent high-profile assaults that shocked the nation – and the unfortunate likelihood of future attacks – Calibre Press has gathered an elite panel of active assault planning & response experts who will take a unique look at some of the most critical, yet not as commonly discussed, areas related to this timely topic.

The panel:

Dr. Richard Hough is Professor of Practice in the Dept. of Criminal Justice & Criminology at East Tennessee State Univ. and has been a use of force and police practices expert in state and federal courts for more than 30 yrs. He has extensively researched active shooters and mass shooters over several decades and has written about and conducted training on these topics to law enforcement and other audiences.

Capt. Todd Payne leads the Orange Co., FL SO’s High Risk Incident Command consisting of SWAT, the Hazardous Devices Team, the Hostage Negotiation Team, the Emergency Response Team, the Critical Incident Management Team & Emergency Management/Facilities Security. Captain Payne joined the SWAT Team in 1996 and has been the SWAT Commander since 2014.

Sgt. Chris Eklund is the Team Leader & Training Coordinator for the Orange Co., FL SO’s SWAT team, the President of the Florida SWAT Assoc., and an instructor for the Nat’l Tactical Officers Association. He has worked with numerous agencies, including fire depts. in active shooter response and began the small unit and lone officer response programs for his agency.

Commander Craig Allen with Hillsboro, OR PD has trained both law enforcement and fire agencies nationwide on active shooter response. A core focus of his program is developing effective multi-agency coordination strategies and integrating human factors research into intensely realistic training practices that accurately mirror high-stress situations.

Topics will include:

  • Threat engagement policies & command-level considerations. Legal, moral & ethical responsibilities, personnel & asset availability challenges, unique difficulties for small departments and potential long-term ramifications of small department policy, on-scene coordination challenges…
  • Lawsuits: Preparing for and responding to legal challenges to your agency and your officers. How to prevent avoidable mistakes that can jeopardize your agency and taint evaluations of your response.
  • Training: How often and with whom? Are you unintentionally overlooking key players who play pivotal response roles? Are you training to work with other first response agencies in an extremely pressurized situation?
  • Evaluating preparedness: How versed are your officers and command staff on your active threat response policies? Are they really ready to respond at a moment’s notice…within policy?
  • Media: How to decide who says what, when and how if you don’t have an “official” PIO?
  • Building vs. open air attacks, barricade vs. active: Unique tactical considerations from a command-level point of view.
  • And more…

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