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Emotional Survival for Female Enforcers

Balancing the 24/7 of the Profession

As Law Enforcement Professionals, we want to be the best officer we can be, respected for the job we do and accepted as an integral part of the organization.

Emotional Survival for Female Enforcers focuses on overcoming the 24/7 demands that exist in a career serving and protecting a community, home, and family.  Managing those demands can sometimes be the most difficult part of the job.  You are not alone…

Designed to offer skills that can be immediately and easily put into practice, we begin this course by identifying the reality of stress and its effect on our physical and emotional well-being both on and off duty.  Once identified, we educate students on the importance of Emotional Intelligence and its role in understanding and managing key stressors that can lead to anxiety and burnout.

This seminar offers interactive discussions in managing personal relationships, embracing our Strong Professional Presence, managing “Priority Guilt” and Transitioning from “Officer to Off-duty”.

Our goal is to help female officers enjoy it all by harnessing their ability to turn obstacles into opportunities for personal growth.

Topics discussed include but are not limited to:

PDF – Emotional Survival for Female Enforcers – Overview.

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Dec 3, 2020 Emotional Survival for Female Enforcers (South Bend, IN) South Bend, IN Register Here