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Cyber Security

To Protect and Defend

Hackers want your data and you’re unknowingly giving it to them.  It’s not your IT Professional putting you at risk, it’s your Staff. 

Every day, cyber-criminals compromise thousands of websites. Cyber breaches are a constant threat to anyone entrusted with public information technology.  The evolving threat landscape forces us to proactively educate ourselves against those hunting our data.  How well you safeguard every devise housing that information has a direct impact on your exposure to liability, your personnel and the citizens you serve.

This course will empower students with a real understanding of current and critical threats.  Using data from recent government cyber-attacks, we will examine how organizational systems expose themselves to weaknesses and breaches.  Cyber Security offers critical safeguards and solutions that can be immediately implemented to help reduce your current and future exposure.

The Calibre Press Cyber Security Seminar addresses the most current threats to public information technology, drawing on case studies to describe the threat: Who are the actors? What do they want? What does a common attack against a public agency look like?

Cyber Security is a fast-paced, solutions-oriented seminar designed for anyone whose work touches or involves the public’s private data. This includes state, local, tribal, university police; public works and utilities; universities and schools; courthouses; fire and EMS; hospitals; nonprofits; and more.

Topics are constantly updated to reflect the latest knowledge.  Some current topics include but are not limited to:


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