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Women in Command

Excelling as Female Leaders

Women in Command is an energetic and interactive two-day course conceived, constructed and taught by successful female law enforcement executives.  Leadership is a combination of both innate talents and learned skill sets.  The seminar examines the traits and skill sets of proven successful leaders and accomplished agencies.  Being a female leader in a male dominated profession has its own distinct sets of issues.  Over the two days, we will engage in lively discussions in an open forum populated by current and future women law enforcement leaders. Topics examined will include:

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Nov 4 - Nov 5, 2019 Women in Command (Chandler, AZ) Chandler, AZ Register Here
Nov 12 - Nov 13, 2019 Women in Command (Santa Clara, CA) Santa Clara, CA Register Here
Nov 18 - Nov 19, 2019 Women in Command (Atlantic City, NJ) Egg Harbor Township, NJ Register Here
Nov 21 - Nov 22, 2019 Women in Command (Nashville, TN) Nashville, TN Register Here
Dec 5 - Dec 6, 2019 Women in Command (Loveland, CO) Loveland, CO Register Here
Dec 11 - Dec 12, 2019 Women in Command (Lansing, MI) Lansing, MI Register Here
Dec 17 - Dec 18, 2019 Women in Command (Las Vegas, NV) Las Vegas, NV Register Here
Jan 21 - Jan 22, 2020 Women in Command (Kansas City, MO) Kansas City, MO Register Here
Feb 11 - Feb 12, 2020 Women in Command (Galveston, TX) Galveston Island, TX Register Here
Mar 24 - Mar 25, 2020 Women in Command (Boston, MA) Dorchester, MA Register Here