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Street Survival® Seminar

Today’s Street Survival® Seminar addresses law enforcement as the multi-faceted profession it has become.  Rather than limiting our focus to just surviving deadly threats, we also discuss the need to prepare officers for making sound, legal and reasonable decisions under stress in order to preserve the lives of citizens as well as their own.

The foundation of the program is understanding and training realistically for stress events.  From driving too fast and using unwarranted amounts of force to ineffective communication and the inability to decompress off-duty, the seminar emphasizes the need to understand and manage stress as the key to professional and personal success.

Calibre Press for the first time in its over 36 year history is owned by a law enforcement officer. Lt. Jim Glennon leads a cadre of Instructors who are some of the most experienced, dynamic and respected in our profession. The Street Survival® Seminar continues presenting classic training points while also addressing current events issues impacting the profession through the use of lecture and up-to-date videos of police/citizen interactions.

Finally, the Seminar emphasizes the need to understand people and communicate effectively as they embrace the role of civilian peace officers.  The Seminar topics will include, but not be limited to, the following:

PDF Download – Street Survival® Seminar Overview

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