Read – Recognize – Respond

De-Escalation, Detecting Deception and Pre-Attack Indicators

One of the greatest tools a law enforcement professional possesses is the ability to Influence the overall outcome of interactions.  This course focuses on today’s peacekeeper and their ability to effectively evaluate others – and by means of communication – make sound decisions that result in safe and successful resolutions.

Numerous case studies, scientific research, and a wide array of videos of real-life encounters are utilized to offer training scenarios with the goal of understanding and improving your interaction skills.

While this seminar is designed to be dynamic, practical and fun it takes the subject of officer and community safety seriously.  Students will develop a thorough understanding of human nature and how effective communication skills can be utilized to effectively read body language, detect deception and recognize pre-attack indicators. Calibre Press offers techniques to successfully build rapport, calm the irrational and present yourself as an aware and tactically sound professional law enforcement officer.

Course topics will include but not be limited to:

PDF – Read Recognize Respond – Overview

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