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Arresting Communication

Skills for Managing Bias, De-Escalation, Reading People & Calming the Irrational

Arresting Communication is the complete package when it comes to effective interaction skills for police officers, from de-escalation and conflict resolution to detecting deception and preattack indicators.

The premise of the course is that law enforcement’s primary responsibility is to control, redirect and influence others, which begins by developing rapport. In order to do that effectively officers need first control themselves and then develop an understanding of people and how to communicate with them especially while they are experiencing stress.

Students will begin by learning the Five Truths of the Human Animal, a base understanding of what is always at play, psychologically, when people are engaged with each other.

  1. Communication is a Constant
  2. The Unconscious v. Conscious
  3. A Matter of Importance
  4. Emotional Pitfalls
  5. Human Motivation

After establishing the reality of the Five Truths, The Principles of Interaction are designed to assist students in developing techniques for dealing with people during all types of interactions.  Whether it’s intervening in a dispute, attempting to persuade a non-compliant subject, networking with a coworker, attempting to obtain a confession, or dealing with a loved one, these basic techniques are the foundations for interacting successfully with others.

  1. First Impressions
  2. The Magic of Questions
  3. Active Listening
  4. Empathy
  5. Avoiding Arguments
  6. The Power of Appreciation
  7. The Need for Respect

Communication is the key to overall professional and personal success.  The course will continue with learning about the following:

PDF – Arresting Communication Overview

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