Balancing our Biases

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Many classes nationwide titled similarly start out by saying “you have been doing it wrong.”  We disagree but know we can do better with the right training.  We say we can all use some fine-tuning and re-centering and here is how to do it.  Most classes like this are all about everything you do wrong.  We give the tried and true methods and skills of doing it right.  We give the students the tools to change thoughts into abilities and protect themselves and their organizations against false claims.

Most officers do this already.  We just bring it from the unconscious to the conscious.  This dramatically helps officers explain what they did right in their reports.

Balancing Our Biases addresses very real interaction issues for working police officers from the perspective of experienced law enforcement practitioners and trainers. We address the misconceptions and myths about bias in general and establish that implicit and explicit biases are both natural phenomenon of the mind and in most cases accurate and functional.

Instead, we examine biases of an illicit or oppositional nature.  Biases that may cause officers to innately view certain people as dangerous without merit which in turn can affect their subsequent decisions from how they communicate to when and how they use force.

We encourage interaction and discuss uncomfortable topics including racial profiling, Black Lives Matter, how white and minority officers are dealing with the current climate and the history of racism in the profession.

In addition, we address the stop and frisk controversies and establish the need for more training in understanding how to both determine and articulate reasonable suspicion outside of merely race.

Our program was created by Lt. Jim Glennon who has over 30 years’ police experience, a Master’s in Justice Administration, a BA in Psychology and authored a book about communication that addresses the power of the unconscious mind.

Balancing our Biases has a goal of helping officers honestly evaluating their biases, techniques for managing them as well as teaching applicable skills that they can immediately utilize on the street.  It is not designed to simply check an attendance box.

This course will discuss the following:

PDF – Balancing Our Biases Overview

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