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Female Enforcers

Female Enforcers addresses the reality of working as a woman of law enforcement. The seminar aims to enhance the proficiency of female crime-fighters mentally, physically and tactically. Too often, women have been pressured into a male mold of work and training in this profession. Too often, our voices haven’t been heard. Female Enforcers addresses these issues head-on, preparing female leaders to take the helm.

Topics include:

PDF- Female Enforcers Overview

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Dec 1, 2015 Female Enforcers (Burien, WA) Burien, WA Register Here
Jan 11, 2016 Female Enforcers (Phoenix, AZ) Phoenix, AZ Register Here
Jan 25, 2016 Female Enforcers (Albuquerque, NM) Albuquerque, NM Register Here
Feb 8, 2016 Female Enforcers (Schaumburg, IL) Schaumburg, IL Register Here
Feb 22, 2016 Female Enforcers (Nashville, TN) NASHVILLE, TN Register Here
Mar 21, 2016 Female Enforcers (Indianapolis, IN) Indianapolis, IN Register Here
Apr 4, 2016 Female Enforcers (Sandy, UT) Sandy, UT Register Here
Sep 12, 2016 Female Enforcers (Denton, TX) Denton, TX Register Here
Nov 7, 2016 Female Enforcers (Green Bay, WI) Green Bay, WI Register Here